13th October 2010

Tough Mudder- NorCal

Last weekend we headed down to Northern California to do Tough Mudder. Six months ago when we signed up for this it sounded like a great idea. As the event day got closer and closer the Tough Mudder guys kept sending email updates about how hard-core this event is. To be honest I was starting to dread it. My overall fitness is ok (I ran the Bellingham half-marathon a couple of weeks ago) but I hadn’t been doing my pushups and was pretty sure climbing over a 12′ wall sounded impossible.

Getting to the event via AlexAir was perfect. Rather than flying into Sacremento which is over 3 hours drive away we flew into Calaveras County airport which was less than an hour from the site. Calaveras (KCPU) is a classic wonderful small airport with friendly FBO with a loaner-truck, nice gas prices, a great runway and all.

We lucked out and event day weather was great. Not too cold, not too hot. We started a bit after noon, shouted our Tough Mudder pledge and started on the course. In the end it wasn’t so bad- going up and down the mountain twice at altitude was exhausting, but the obstacles weren’t as bad as I feared. There tended to be foot holds, the wall wasn’t straight up, an the bus you had to climb over had a net.

Tough Mudder isn’t officially timed. It is more about teamwork and it was sweet to have a great team. Overall a really fun event.

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