20th December 2008

Update on Wind Storm

So, some clarification based on the latest weather data. It looks like there WILL be some seriously high winds at higher elevations- roughly 2000 feet and above (the aviation forecasts are showing 20-30mph winds at the surface but warn of a wind shear to 65mph between the surface and 2000 feet). So folks up in the mountains are going to get blasted, but down where most of the population is, it should be a normal storm.

Meanwhile in huge letters the Everett Hearld proclaims “‘Mega-storm’ brewing”… Cue the scary music.

The other strange thing is that the winds at 2000ft will be out of the East which is a really strange pattern for our area. I just hope that the storm doesn’t cause any huge damage to the local ski area’s chair-lifts.

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