2nd September 2008

New ASP.net MVC stuff

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Scott Guthrie has a post on the latest preview of the new ASP.net MVC stuff. This looks like a huge step forward in the standard model for ASP.net applications- a bunch of us have been ignoring much of the built in controls model and doing stuff similar to this for years, but the new version from the ASP.net team looks more elegant that what I’ve been doing all along and there is always a big bonus when you are using the standard built-in stuff.

I also think its worth pointing out that this stuff is some pretty good validation for the initial architecture of ASP.net. It feels like they did a really good job layering stuff so they had the basic runtime, the HTTP Handler level over that, the ASPX page model over that, and then a specific page processing / control action model. All along its been possible to take/leave various pieces, for example the urlrewriting.net stuff that plugged in and changed URL namespace stuff while the rest continued to work. Now they have evolved the architecture with a really new way to wire up pages, and its still consistent with the existing stuff and as far as I can tell doesn’t break/change any of the basic architecture. Its pretty rare to see a platform evolve so cleanly years and years after its initial version (for example I’d have to say that it seems like the various Java technologies have had a rougher time evolving cleanly).

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