2nd November 2007

Deep Rock Drive

My buddy Chris recently left Microsoft and went to join a new startup Deep Rock Drive which is doing online “live” music shows. Overall seems like a really cool concept and while they have the usual startup things to overcome, they already are up and running and it sounds like they have some cool deals on the way.

The one difficult thing for me to get my head around from the “consumer” viewpoint is that the experience is inevitably going to be different than the in-person “live” experience. So much about what I enjoy about going to see a live show is in the venue, the physical presence. Of course from my discussions with Chris they have all kinds of cool ideas coming that go way beyond the kind of ways you can interact with a band at an in-person event. Its one of those things where the Internet thing is just going to be different. The trick is to set expectations and understand how that different character will influence who becomes your audience and their usage patterns.

Anyway, this will be a fun one to watch- I’m hoping Chris will hook me up with a tour of their studios in Vegas soon.

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2nd November 2007

High Resolution Displays

Toshiba has introduced a 22-inch LCD that sports a 3840×2400 pixel resolution or I’d estimate about 220dpi. Nice! The bad news is they cost about $17,500 initially so this is clearly only for specialized applications, and I suspect you need a custom video card to drive the thing. Still, it makes me hopeful again that we will see high resolution come to the mainstream in a few years. I’ve seen some examples and its just hard to describe how much better computing is when the fonts and all the UI are rendered with so much more accuracy.

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2nd November 2007

I Used To Be Kind of Cool

Very funny, from the Onion of course.

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