24th September 2007

New Music- Black Francis and A Place to Bury Strangers

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Two new albums have come out recently that I’m really enjoying. The first is from Black Francis who apparently has gone back to his Pixies era name along with quite a bit of its sound on his new album Bluefinger. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the Pixies. Its not the same as any of the specific Pixies albums, but if you like them you will probably like it.

The other one is the self-titled debut album from A Place to Bury Strangers. Tons of noise and feedback and it certainly gets compared to the Jesus and Mary Chain for good reasons. Also reminds me of some of the Raveonettes stuff. But pretty cool and nice high energy. It can be an interesting trick to prevent the sound from becoming washed out with all that feedback but they manage it.

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