4th April 2007

Cooking- Coke Brisket

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I made a Coke-braised brisket for Passover Seder at Hillel’s last night. I basically used this recipe except that I doubled it (the brisket was 8lbs), and I used extra garlic and liquid spagetti sauce instead of dried. I also roasted some cipolini onions and small carrots for about an hour and tossed them into the liquid for the last 20 minutes.

The meat turned out super soft and juicy (cut with a fork, falls apart), but really flavorful. No cola taste that I noticed, just great comfort food. Also in the past I had tried cooking vegitables with a brisket for a longer period of time and they turned out gross- the roast + 20 minutes in the liquid thing worked out just about perfectly. I also used the left-over liquid as a gravy/table sauce. It felt a little thin to call it gravy but was still nice.

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