16th February 2007

Technology- Moving to WordPress soon

I’m planning on moving this blog to WordPress soon. I’ve been using my own hand-rolled software for years and so far its worked out ok. On the plus side it keeps me in deep with various of the latest blog technologies, having to hand-roll them myself. As I wrote on a post over on the new Launch21 blog, the lack of good tools to post make it harder for me to update things frequently and it is just not worth it.

Launch21.com is running on WordPress now, but it will probably take a bit longer to move this site there since I’ll want to preserve pretty much all of the old URLs for search engines. Hopefully not too long.

Matt from Judy’s book finally started writing a blog and is off to a quick start with a flurry of interesting posts. I’m always a fan of interesting discussions about how to balance innovation, execution, etc. There was an interesting talk at the Northwest Entrepreneurs Forum by Shaun Wolfe, CEO of MessageGate. He called execution “system” and talked about a classic triangle balancing time, system, and innovation. One of his key messages was that its really key for a startup to understand when is the right time to invest in system (process, infrastructure, global scaling, reducing costs, more predictability), given the inevitable impact that has on innovation and rapid development.

On another random topic, Eric asked about what would be a good video card to drive his new Plasma TV nicely and I pointed him to this AnandTech article on HDMI/HDCP capable
video cards
. For a “TV” you want to find something that supports an HDMI connector at 1080P to get the best results, and ideally that supports the crappy HDCP copy protection stuff so you can play high-def video content.

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