6th February 2007

Technology- DRM and Apple

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Many blogs have referenced Steve Job’s Thoughts on Music post today. While it is absolutely true that this is a propaganda statement in his battle with EU regulators, and that Steve’s business is benefiting greatly from DRM right now, it doesn’t matter. The fact that he came out and said this so clearly in public hopefully will help turn the tide away from DRM. Bill Gates in effect said something similar a few weeks ago when chatting with some bloggers but not in as public a way and certainly not as clearly.

For now I’m going to continue to support eMusic as much as possible as a great place to get DRM-free music. Some quick research shows that I can find over 30 of the bands playing at Coachella there so I’m well on my way downloading an album or two from each to decide what I want to go see. I’ve heard that other services are experimenting with DRM free music and if they do I’ll be eager to support them too.

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