28th December 2006

Vista- Windows Vista Tips

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With the consumer release of Vista coming out in a few weeks I’ve been playing with RC2 and thought I’d document some of my experiences and tips for Vista users.
My first time is to suggest turning User Account Control off. This is a good intentioned feature that was intended to help improve the security of the system by normally running all programs in a restricted mode and requiring you to authorize administrative things. Unfortunately for me normal usage of my machine involves 10-100 of these so-called administrative things all day long, and with User Account Control turned on Windows Vista gives you constant pop-up dialogs asking if you want to do something. Over and over.
To turn it off go to your User Accounts control panel. Select “Turn User Account Control on or off” at the end of the list. A description of the feature appears with a checkbox. Uncheck the box and click OK.
Image of User Accounts Control Panel User Account Control
Note- I’d only really recommend this if you feel confident in running your system and keeping it virus-free on your own. Microsoft loves bugging you with these security dialogs so much that they will give you a piece of toast every time you boot if you turn it off. Still, one toast per boot is way better than the constant nagging. And to be clear, plenty of user-research has shown that techniques like this don’t work to improve real security since users just become habituated to clicking “ok” over and over and stop actually reading the dialogs or thinking about their context.

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