11th December 2006

Technology- Building out hosting servers

I will shortly be moving the hosting for CalendarData.com and probably associated sites. So far
I have been using 1and1 which has worked out fine for development
purposes, at least on the linux side. Their ASP.net hosting is pretty horrible and once the traffic starts
to build as it has for calendardata, their solutions are insufficient.

My current approach is to build out 1U servers using the Tyan
Tank GT20 barebones
. They seem to offer the most flexibility since you can put 2x Intel Woodcrest CPUs in which themselves can
be each up to 4 cores, + it supports 4 hot-swap hard-drives. Running either VMWare or Xen for virtualization I can easily
deploy multiple “servers” on one unit and as I need more capacity I can initially upgrade that first physical server with
more RAM, CPU and disk, and later move them off to additional physical servers.

I’m currently shopping for a co-location service. In addition to the folks
I mentioned back in March I’m also
looking at gridzones- they have some attractive rates for 1U, although
I’m trying to find someone who has experience with their service.

On the WPF/E front, I’ve revised my “detectwpfe.js” script. It now encodes the user setting as
WPFE/YES/IE so that it will group better in the Google analytics display where the YES or NO is the
most important state to analyze. You can download the update here.


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