3rd December 2006

General- Good news from the UK

Two pieces of good news Via Guy Kawasaki’s latest post. First of all, Wagamama is apparently opening a branch in Boston.
Sounds like its time to start campaigning for a Seattle presence. Tastingmenu has a write up on Wagamama that gives
a good feel for what is so cool about this. The bottom line is they just seem to “get it” on many levels. Good
food, nothing too complex, nice high-tech ordering, a great experience.

Guy also brings us news that a UK start-up called SpinVox is bringing email delivery of voice mail to cell-phones.
I’ve pretty much always hated voice-mail. It has always felt like this huge disruptive context switch for me to
go listen to some messages, make sure I have someplace to take notes, and all that. I’m much happier communicating
in email, IM, or in-person meetings that by telephones and voice-mail, but of course I need to be able to adapt
to how other people what to communicate also.

First of all its incredibly stupid that I can’t get my Verizon cell-phone voicemail delivered to my email inbox
as voice attachments. Email systems like Exchange have had this capability for at least 6 or 7 years and really it shouldn’t be hard at all to just configure the voice-mail system to send me an email. But the SpinVox goes a step further and translates the voice message to text. From my perspective this is perfect since everyone can operate in the medium
that they prefer and still get along just fine.


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