28th November 2006

Technology- I Bought a Mac

Last week I got my new MacBook. It has been exactly 10 years since I last bought a Mac, just after I joined Microsoft in November 1996.

From 1984 through 1995 I was primarily a Mac developer. In the mid 90s the combination of the stagnation of the Mac platform (at that time) and the new stable Windows NT operating system brought me over to the Windows world. I was writing cross-platform software, but at the time I needed to reboot my Mac every time my application crashed, and Windows could just restart the process and keep going. As a developer you do that a lot so I started using the Windows machine more and more and eventually had little reason to keep using a Mac at all.

This year the situation has changed quite a bit. Im working on my own projects and would like to make sure that the web stuff works well with the Safari browser on the Mac. The Mac also has this application iCal which can sync calendars from a web-site and I want to make sure it works well with CalendarData.com.

But even more importantly, the switch to the Intel chips, something the Mac faithful had been speculating about for years, has made a huge difference in the practicality of using a Mac. My new MacBook is a GREAT Windows laptop. But best of all, with one key-press I can switch between the Mac OS, Windows Vista, and Linux and back to the Mac OS. Using the Parallels virtual machine software this laptop gives me the ultimate flexibility which is just a huge advantage.

After ten years away from the platform my Mac skills have gotten very rusty. As I usually do Ill be posting my discoveries on here as I play with new utilities and all that fun stuff. If you want to follow me, Judy’s Book’s deals site has a page of deals for the Apple store.


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