6th November 2006

Politics- HBO Special Hacking the Vote is online

The HBO special “Hacking the Vote” is online now on Google video. There are few things
more important to our democracy than the basic fairness of the elections- that every vote gets counted and that
every citizen is given a fair opportunity to cast the ballot that they want to cast.

Related to this I wanted to raise another issue. Increasingly people are switching to mail-in ballots and in
Seattle this year the ballot is so thick that it requires two stamps. Granted, people have the opportunity to go
vote in person without paying anything, but given how much we save with the mail-in-ballots, shouldn’t the
state be paying for the postage? That would also reduce the opportunities for votes to be lost due to mailing
errors (although I do understand that the postal service is going to deliver ballots even if they don’t have enough


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