12th March 2006

Jobs- Time off

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As I look forward to some downtime for the next few weeks I asked
Tim if he had any advice
since he took a few months off in between Microsoft and Pure. His advice
was pretty good although I have a feeling I’m going to have a hard time
following it. He suggested not planning anything- take a few weeks where you
just wake up and say to yourself “hmm, maybe I’ll go grab a cup of coffee”.

I unfortunately already have a list of many things to do. There is something like 30
items already on the list. Plus I’m already thinking about how it could be really interesting
to do some consulting for a bit.

Several of the bigger things on my list are getting my office back into shape. I’m probably going
to initially do this the “low budget” way- while I’ve got some cool designs that need some
custom iron-work, initially I’m going to get some cheap shelves from Ikea and go from there.

The second set of things is improvements to this blog- I plan on redoing the styles and graphics
(which were really just a “quick I need something anything in here quick”) and adding some extra
pages for lists of places I want to travel, places to eat, etc.


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