9th March 2006

Jobs- Leaving Pure Networks

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For the last two months at work I’ve been writing a ton of code investigating (and building) out some potential new
directions. I suppose having not done this for a few years I was a bit concerned that my coding skills were rusty. They
were, but I’m happy to say that it comes back to me pretty quickly and even diving in to a bunch of new technologies
like PHP had a pretty quick learning curve.

Im still a big fan of the Network Magic product and
all the folks at Pure but I’ve decided to move on.
When I went from Microsoft to Pure I didnt take any time off and this time Im going to
give myself a few weeks to recharge, organize the mess (otherwise known as my office) at
home and start working on some new ideas. I’m even hoping to do some major upgrades to this
site as a way to experiment with some of those ideas, so stay tuned and shoot me email with
any comments.

I also just realized that I did something really rude in my last post-
I mentioned Aaron but I
didnt link to his blog. So
I’ve fixed it in this post and
edited the previous one to fix my oversight.


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