3rd January 2006

Presentations- Jobs vs Bill presentation style

This posting
has a great analysis of the different presentation styles of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. I often used the Steve Jobs presentation style as an example of very effective speaking, although I’d have to admit that I have been terrible
at following his example.

I did several pretty succesful public speaking bits at Microsoft and I thought some great demos as part of a few
keynotes, but my last one at the PDC ’03 was a terrible disaster. I got busy with other stuff and just didn’t prepare
a fraction as much as I should have- it was a real disappointment.

It’s really interesting to see Mr. Reynolds talk about how the Steve Jobs type presentation can work for technical
content. I’ve seen it work super-well in his consumer speeches, but I’d have to say that last time I saw him speak
at a WWDC it was somewhat less effective with the hard-core developer audience. I would be fun to try it out-
I especially like the advice about avoiding the bullets and make each slide tell a story.


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